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Publication Calendar New Mexico's premier family magazine! Reach 75,000 readers in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and the surrounding areas

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July/August 2018
(Preview Guide to Afterschool Activities)
Editoral: May 18
Directory: June 8
Ads & Calendar: June 13
June 27
September/October 2018
(Afterschool Activities Directory)
Editorial: July 20
Directory: Aug. 10
Ads & Calendar: Aug. 15
August 29
November/December 2018
(Preview Guide to Schools and Academic Support)
Editorial: Sept. 21
Directory: Oct. 12
Ads & Calendar: Oct. 17
October 29
January/February 2019
(Directory of Schools and Academic Support Programs)
Editorial: Nov. 9
Directory: Nov. 30
Ads & Calendar: Dec. 5
December 19
March/April 2019
(Preview Guide to
Summer Activities)
Editorial: Jan. 18
Directory: Feb. 8
Ads & Calendar: Feb. 13
February 27
May/June 2019
(Summer Fun!
Activities Directory)
Editorial: March 22
Directory: April 12
Ads & Calendar: April 17
April 30

Don't forget to see our Advertising Rates and our
Guidelines & Checklist for Digital Files (pdf)

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