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Summer Camps & Programs Directory Listing Form
For the Summer Fun! Activities Directory featured in the May/June 2015 issue of
New Mexico Kids!
Please fill out this form and submit it immediately.
Questions? 505-797-2708; Toll-free outside Albuquerque: 1-888-466-5189
DEADLINE: April 10, 2015!
IMPORTANT: Your payment must be received before your entry can be published. Please mail your check or money order to us at:
New Mexico Kids!
9100 Galaxia Way NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111

or call us with your credit card infomation at the phone numbers shown above.

Name of Camp/Program
Camp/Program Sponsor
City, State Zip ,
Web site
Contact with Title

Describe program: Ages, dates, sessions, hours, whether overnight or day program, activities, costs, brochure available, ACA accredited, etc. Please email photo with caption for possible use in the directory.

Please Select One:
Advertising in the May/June issue (with paid display ad 1/8 page or larger) - FREE listing please!
Non-advertiser: $85.60 check or money order enclosed – or call with credit card info – for directory listing only in the May/June issue.

New Mexico Kids! is a parent's primary resource for information on schools, camps and more, and reaches more than 75,000 readers across central and northern New Mexico. Please see a list of some of the locations where you can pick up your copy of New Mexico Kids!
Please Remember:
Listing and payment must be received by
April 10, 2015!


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